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Bob Parker

Born:  June 25, 1936 in New York City.

Received a BSME from CCNY in 1958

Has been issued over 50 patents

Started working at Lawrence Livermore Labs 1958

Received a number of patents, and wrote and published technical papers for ASME, ISA, AME, IEE – Speaker at Gordon Conference

Started Robert Parker Research 1972 to commercialize and manufacture various Liquid Crystal patented products such as the digital thermometer used for fever monitoring and aquarium and room temperatures (tens of millions sold annually) 

Produced film for mood rings

Patented and produced the Egg Rite 1975 as an analog timer for cooking eggs (Licensed to Wahl Corp) Patented propane level indicator 1975 (licensed to Wahl Corp. Half million units sold annually)

1980-1990: Consultant to Raychem Corporation, Allied Chemical, Duracell, etc. Developed a number of products for Raychem including the power sleeve used for automatic solder termination lugs for power cables (Award Winning)

Invented actuator for lining oil pipes with plastic (used in Saudi Arabia)

One of the founders of Taliq, a division of Raychem formed to make light-modifying active films using microencapsulated nematic liquid crystals

Invented printed battery testers (Licensed to Duracell. 3,000,000,000 tester labels produced annually by Avery Labels)

Invented and patented vapor deposited electric heater and buss bars for OCLI

Invented 12 volt lead acid battery testers (licensed to Avery Dennison)

Patented the Cookpurfect thermometer to show temperature distribution while cooking food (Licensed to Burton Plastics)


Invented reversible light scattering temperature films (Licensed to Lander Corp.)

Invented peak-reading temperature device to show internal temperatures for microwave and oven cooking of foods (Licensed to Volk Industries

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