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Dr. Lowell Salter , Executive Director - Small Business Development Center
Dr. Robert Cade , Inventor of Gatorade
Mr. Edward Shadd , Development team member & creator of the UPC Bar Code
Mr. Bernic Cousino , Inventor of 8-Track Cassette & Digital Loop Technology
Mrs. Pamela Bird , CEO & Founder - Innovative Product Technologies

Mr. Harris Rosen Advisory Board Member. Mr. Rosen speaking to entrepreneurs regarding Funding New Products.

Ms. Pamela Riddle Bird , Founder and CEO, Innovative Product Technologies, Inc. and Ms. Carol Rehtmeyer , Founder & CEO, Rehtmeyer Design and Liscensing, Inc.

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The Executive Center 4131 NW 13th Street
Suite 220, Gainesville, FL 32609 USA
Phone: (352) 373-1007 | FAX: (352) 337-0750
Northwest Location
Box 817 Glengary Bay Road
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 USA
Phone: (208) 265-5938 | FAX: (208) 265-4482

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