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The Wal-Mart Innovation Network (WIN) is not an invention development/marketing service and, to the best of our knowledge, is not required under any state law to file a disclosure statement. However, since we encourage inventors to obtain disclosure statements from all those they do business with, we voluntarily make this disclosure:

WIN services are limited to providing inventors with a commercial feasibility analysis (evaluation) of their invention or new product idea. WIN does not provide research services for its clients, and it does not develop or market inventions for its clients. The responsibility for development, licensing or commercialization is solely that of the inventor/innovator. We do, however, at our option, provide a no-cost referral service to members of the WIN Innovation Network and other sources of management and technical assistance.

During the period of 1991 to 1998, WIN provided preliminary evaluations of approximately 4500 inventions. A recent sample of 400 ideas/inventions/products evaluated by WIN (1/1/99 - 4/30/99) received the following recommendations:

28% Not Recommended
23% Very limited and cautious development
23% Limited and cautious development
05% Recommended with reservations
12% Recommended for other channels of distribution
08% Recommended for Wal-Mart review
01% Other

This sample contains a significant number of near market-ready products submitted by manufacturers which cause a positive bias in the data.

INVENTOR ALERT: State and federal investigations into abuses in the invention promotion industry continue. It appears that only about 1 in 1,000 inventors make a profit of $1 (one dollar) or more when utilizing the services of invention promotion firms, but pay fees frequently as high as $12,000. For more information contact the United Inventors of America at . While there, seek out information about inventor organizations in your area and Inventor's Digest , a magazine for inventors.

No inventor has paid WIN or its sponsor more than the initial evaluation fee with the rare exception of money to cover return postage. Wal-Mart's sponsorship of, and participation in, this program is voluntary. Wal-Mart and its employees receive no compensation for participating in the WIN program; nor does anyone associated with WIN receive any compensation for referring inventors to other sources of assistance.

This disclosure is dated May, 1999.

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